Online…Street Photography…Another “Box of 10”

February 25, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
We've had such an overwhelming response to the Diane Arbus "Box of 10 Images" Night on Feb. 9 that we're adding a second night on Thursday, Feb. 25. Please let Monique Campbell know if you'd like to share your images on Feb. 25 by emailing her at just so she can keep track of who is presenting.
Here is the format for the evenings. The maker's 10 photos will be shown and then they will have an opportunity to speak for five minutes. We want to hear from presenters how they picked their 10 photos and talk about their experience choosing them as well as what it means for their legacy. We will not be talking about each individual photo more about the experience of choosing just 10 photos out of a lifetime's worth of work. We really want to learn what these photos mean to the presenter. Yes there's a good chance that we've seen some of these photos before but in this exercise we are looking to see what 10 are chosen. Think of the 10 photos that best represent you!  If you have any questions please email Monique .