Studio Group – Welcome

img_3003The purpose of the Studio Group is to teach portrait and still life lighting techniques in a workshop format with occasional lectures

Latow members are fortunate in that, unlike most camera clubs, Latow has it's own 1,100 sq. ft. photography studio complete with a wide variety of studio equipment including LED continuous lighting, studio flash units, reflectors and backdrops, both muslin and seamless paper. Members who have been checked out and certified in the safe operation of the equipment may book the studio for their own projects. Please see the Studio Group leader for more details.
The Studio Group provides members a tremendous opportunity to gain experience photographing everything from people to small and large studio still lifes.

Studio: Black-light and Body Painting (with model) May 22 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

We had a definite fun and ~20 photogs attending our blacklight studio session on Tuesday, May 22nd. Unfortunately, we had some last minute changes, so our model for the workshop was Sasha, she did wonderful job painting her face and sitting through the night. I would like to thank Caitlynn for finding so good backup.

Sasha by NJ

Sasha by William

Taken by Tori

Picture by Jay

Sasha by Elizabeth

closeup by Annemarie

Studio: High key lighting style – Dec. 7th @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

On Thursday, December 7 the Studio Group will be exploring High-key lighting. It’s been
effectively adapted from the film industry to widespread use in portrait and fashion
We will spend the evening discussing and demonstrating this essential item for your toolbox. Sarah Spencer an experienced model from Mississauga will sit for us so don’t forget your camera!
The evening is coordinated by James Elliott.
At the AGB in the Latow Studio (7:30pm-9:30pm).


Below is a collection of shots from a couple of photographers taken during the session

Sarah by Ort

Session by Jay

Sarah by Dan


Sarah by Bob Hall

Sarah by Jay

Sarah by NJ

Session by NJ

Session by NJ

Studio: Understanding Lighting Nov 28 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

We'll be exploring the fundamentals of studio lighting from a theoretical perspective. Cameras are not required.
The evening is coordinated by Dave Fernandes & James Elliott. The slides from the presentation are available for download from the studio group download area.

Studio Oct 12 – Beauty Shots (with model and MUA)

The evening will involve our members in learning about a "Beauty" type of portrait that one time evolved from the fashion shooting trends and styles as a distinct genre. We will have an internationally published model and a pro makeup artist to set us up for the session.
Our model for the evening is NevadaCaitlyn and Aleeza Jawed (Chick Beauty) will do a makeup job for us. Bring your camera with you as we will open the session for a brief shooting. The session will be run by Dave and James.

Below there are several pics shoot during the session:

Posing and Lighting for a Group of People (session with model) – Mar 28/2017

The session will focus on lighting and posing for a couple of models, we have Avryl and Paula invited to play with a couple different setups and lighting styles. Bring your camera with you for an opportunity to shoot a couple nice pictures. The session is coordinated by NJ.













The slides to be presented at the session:


Portraits with Projected Patterns (session with model) – Jan 24/2017

Latow studio group is meeting again on evening Jan 24 2017. If you are bored using traditional lighting styles we will try to make a fun lighting up our model with projected patterns. We will show you how to do it but come with your own creative ideas for this fun night. Bring your camera as we will have a model to sit for us.

The session is coordinated by NJ. Please visit NJ's pinterest collection of inspirational examples from other people work on the web.

There are a couple pics below we have tried at our test run with Craig and get some good feel about the tricky part of the technique but we need more job to fine tune the tools.

_MG_02451_MG_02421interlacedNJP_172810 _MG_02451 _MG_02451

















All session attendees that require model release from Tabatha please send an email request to NJ
Link to updated presentation slides from the session

Pictures from the session.


Girl in the Shadow by Ort Baldauf

Chuck Burdic

Chuck Burdick






projected patterns

Tabatha by Elizabeth Szell

Studio Drop in Night – Dec 8th/2016

Our first drop-in night this season will be run on Dec 8 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm. Studio group members may sign in with their project or just come in to practice their portraiture skills. We will provide model - this time Allison an experienced model from Hamilton will sit for us that night, NJ and Dave will be there to guide, help or assist you if needed. We will also have a guest Sara from Burlington - she's a photographer and a model so seems like we will run strobes and LED setups in parallel.
 Feb 15, 2015
See you there.


Studio Lighting with Color Gels (13 Oct/2016)

At this Studio session we will play using color gels when shooting portraits. We will present a couple of ideas how to creatively use the gels and mix colors. We will try gels with strobes and our new LED continuous lighting. Bring your own camera as we will have Victoria modeling for us for the evening.

Collection of shots from the session provided by the event participants.


Shots from our testing session by NJ and Dan


Bodyscape by Dan Cybulskie


Leesa by Dan Cybulskie

experimenting with gels

leesa (NJ)


profile with colors (NJ)

Experimentibg with color gels

Experimenting with color gels (NJ)


self hug (NJ)

Still Life session at Latow Studio – Feb 11/20016

Shots from a setup session for Studio group meeting on Feb 11/2016

Sellection of pictures from Latow Classical Portrait Evening

Short Workshop style Studio Group session with Aleah McCallum as a featured model. Selection based on photographers contribution.