Latow Summer Program and Evaluation Themes


The online sessions since March have been so well-attended that the Program Committee is proposing that we meet during the summer. Here are the dates and the themes for those gatherings:

·       Tue, July 14: "Spring"

·       Tue, Aug 4: "Summer" .

For both evenings, we'll be looking to members for up to 5 images on these themes. Instructions on submitting them will come later.

And looking ahead to our season opener in September, we propose a theme that's a little different from the usual "What I did This Summer". The theme is "Home" and we're adapting a Canadian Geographic magazine contest for this:

In this uncertain time of social and physical distancing amid a global pandemic, home has become even more important. It’s not just where we spend most of our time; it’s where we find safety, balance, creativity and, hopefully, joy. We’re looking for a series of photographs that capture your personal concept of home, be it the house you grew up in, a place you visit when you need to rest and recharge, a landmark that makes your community unique, or a person who represents comfort, hope and identity.

For our September meeting, you'll have up to 5 minutes to share your vision of "home".

And, after wide consultations on behalf of the Evaluation Committee, we are announcing the following Evaluation Themes for 2020-21:

  • ·       October submission: Backlit
  • ·       December submission: Motion
  • ·       February submission: Isolation
  • ·       March submission: Freedom. 

We wish you Happy Summer Shooting!