Latow’s International Film Festival, Tuesday October 6th – LIVE…ALL PASSES TAKEN


The International AV Festival has been rescheduled to Tuesday, October 6th.

Images  are presented on a large screen with audio soundtracks presented in surround sound in this unique international exhibition. It’s a premier showcase to see an exciting display of photography on different topics, using different audio-visual techniques to tell a story or to show off an artistic vision. A great evening for photographers, other visual artists, and those who simply appreciate a good entertaining show.

This will be an exclusive live showing for only 50 persons. This will allow for safe spacing in the AGB's Shoreline/Rotary Rooms (see below). Additional safety measures are the required preregistration and masks. And it's free!

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Location: Lakeshore Room, Arts Gallery of Burlington, 1333 Lakeshore Rd., Burlington ON L7S 1A