Annual O3C Challenge

It’s time again for the OCCC Interclub Open Challenge, with Spring submission for the second year. Take advantage of your forced isolation to prepare some images for this year’s round.  The annual challenge follows OCCC’s mandate to promote the art of photography by encouraging clubs, and club members, to share and showcase their art among peers.

The date for Latow to submit entries to OCCC is May 30, 2020.  Tom McCormack and Tom Stephens will be spearheading the collection and submission of entries – both print and digital – on behalf of Latow. They need your digital submissions, including digital versions of prints, by May 23. This will allow time to consolidate the Guild entry. Prints need to be submitted Sep 19. A complete set of Interclub Open Challenge Rules is available on the Latow website: member area>downloads>miscellaneous.