2019 Three Club Exhibition and a social meeting

The 2019 Three Club "Photographic Exhibition of Projected Images and Prints" was a great success at the Burlington Seniors' Centre on March 9 with 170 members and family in attendance.  Together, the Hamilton Camera Club, Latow Photographers Guild, and Trillium Photographic Club shared about 150 matted prints for the enjoyment of the attendees.  Each club's 17 minute A/V show displayed additional images placed to music.  Latow AV show was created by Jay Trout, click here to see the video or upload it to your device for further enjoyment.
Coffee, tea, soft drinks, water and dessert items were provided.
The Three Club committee included (from left to right) Roger Crysler and Chuck Burdick from Latow; David Evans and Jim Maguire from Trillium, and Juraj Dolanjski from Hamilton. (see the picture below)


And again our video is for the grab from: