Cyanotype Workshop with Mike Wilde – May 5, 2018 – 10-3pm

The Darkroom Group welcomes back Mike Wilde on Saturday May 5th from 10am - 3pm for a hands-on cyanotype workshop.

Cyanoytpe is a contact pinting process, so if you have 4x5 or larger negatives, they will produce beautiful prints. If you don't, Martin Renters will be on-hand to help guide you through his process of producing with a digital negative from a black & white digital image file for contact printing that he presented in February.

This workshop will be limited on space. This is a very rare occurrence and 6 spots are already reserved.

To reserve your space, email me directly at imaginemallory [at] gmail [dot] com. Any member is welcome to attend, no previous experience is required.


Cyanotype is an non-silver alternative photographic process originally discovered by Sir John Herschel in 1842. This historic process that produces "Prussian Blue" toned prints from negatives in contact with the hand-coated emulsion. Mike Wilde has been producing cyanotypes and many other traditional and alternative process prints for many years and will bring not only his breadth of knowledge, experience and willingness to share, but also equipment to support successful production of these prints.

More info on cyanotypes can be found here: