Portraits with Projected Patterns (session with model) – Jan 24/2017

Latow studio group is meeting again on evening Jan 24 2017. If you are bored using traditional lighting styles we will try to make a fun lighting up our model with projected patterns. We will show you how to do it but come with your own creative ideas for this fun night. Bring your camera as we will have a model to sit for us.

The session is coordinated by NJ. Please visit NJ's pinterest collection of inspirational examples from other people work on the web.

There are a couple pics below we have tried at our test run with Craig and get some good feel about the tricky part of the technique but we need more job to fine tune the tools.

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All session attendees that require model release from Tabatha please send an email request to NJ
Link to updated presentation slides from the session

Pictures from the session.


Girl in the Shadow by Ort Baldauf

Chuck Burdic

Chuck Burdick






projected patterns

Tabatha by Elizabeth Szell