Pinhole Camera – A Hands-on Camera Building Workshop – March 29, 2016 – 7:30-10pm

Pinhole cameras are a variation of the camera obscura, are the simplest of photographic tool. There is no lens, only an aperture. The shutter is whatever you use to cover the aperture. Nearly anything can be used for your camera body, from a shoebox to a cube van.
On Tuesday March 29th, we will be building pinhole cameras in the Photo Studio at the Art Gallery of Burlington. You will need to bring a cylinder (i.e. a coffee, drink crystal or other can) or small box. Cardboard is easier to work with than metal, but both will work.
Do you have a fear of analogue photography but are still curious? No problem. Bring a body cap that you are willing to drill a hole in, and we can turn that shiny new digital behemoth into a 2000 year old camera that produces wonderfully dreamy images. Don’t worry, you will still be able to capture thousands more than your analogue counterparts.
We will be returning on Sunday April 24th, World Pinhole Photography Day to use our newly created tools, along with thousands of other pinhole enthusiasts around the world.