“The Camera” – Walking Workshop – Sept 27, 2015

As a nod to the shoulders of giants on which we stand as we create photographic works today, these three workshops, The Camera, The Negative and The Print, will be an introduction to film photography for those who have forgotten, have returned, or are starting fresh. These workshops will be of interest to neophyte photographers as well as more experienced practitioners.


"The Camera", will take us on a walking workshop. We will meet in historic Downtown Hamilton, on Sunday September 27th at 1pm at a location to be communicated to folks who sign up for this workshop.

Bring your 35mm film camera, manual, auto-magic, or somewhere in between. Don't have a film camera? That's okay, I have a few available that have been generously donated over the last year or three by a number of very kind people to loan for the day.

We will cover basic camera operation including things to look for when you are buying a used camera, we will load up a hand-rolled Eastman Double X 5222 film roll into the camera, and we will explore the local area, it's architecture, history and people. Once we have run out of film (all 24 exposures, use them wisely), we will stop in at a local cafe for a beverage and to review our experiences.

Bad weather makes great photography, so this workshop is rain or shine.

You need to sign up for this workshop. To do so, you will need to email and confirm your availability.


So, the big question. What is Eastman Double X film?  Thanks to the folks at the Film Photography Project, who have been re-rolling this black & white 200ISO Motion Picture film onto smaller (100 foot!) rolls. My order is in, and it should be here will in time for the workshop. This film was used in motion pictures such as Casino Royale (James Bond) and Schindler's List. It just happens that you can process this versatile film in off-the-shelf chemistry! You can find Eastman Double-X film at the Film Photography Project Store.