Darkroom Group

Welcome to the Latow Darkroom Group

bw_groupIn our world of "need it now" and instant feedback, I am often asked, "Why not digital?" The answer is in the process. Traditional Black & White photography is a process, from the moment of image conception through to the presentation of the final print.

You can argue the same about digital processes as well, but therein lies the choice. The slow process of wet darkroom based photography and printing has it's own set of challenges and rewards, many of which are not reproducible by other means and some of which are. Then, there is the print or image itself. A good friend of mine said that the difference between a B&W portrait and a colour portrait, is the eyes. In colour, you see the eyes, in B&W, you see the person.

The absence of colour results in a curious blend of texture, highlights and shadows that end in a story, or is that where the story begins?

The Latow Photographer's guild is blessed with the last community darkroom in the Golden Horseshoe. It is a professional space located at the Art Gallery of Burlington including 11 enlarger stations, two capable of up to 4x5 negatives and a sink large enough to process 20" x 24" prints.

Don Mallory "imaginemallory [AT] gmail [DOT] com" and @MonochromeAttic on Twitter.