In our world of "need it now" and instant feedback, I am often asked, "Why not digital?" The answer is in the process. Traditional Black & White photography is a process, from the moment of image conception through to the presentation of the final print.

You can argue the same about digital processes as well, but therein lies the choice. The slow process of wet darkroom based photography and printing has it's own set of challenges and rewards, many of which are not reproducible by other means and some of which are.

Then, there is the print or image itself. A good friend of mine said that the difference between a B&W portrait and a colour portrait, is the eyes. In colour, you see the eyes, in B&W, you see the person.

The absence of colour results in a curious blend of texture, highlights and shadows that end in a story, or is that where the story begins?
Don Mallory, Darkroom Group Coordinator


New Exposures


New Exposures is a critique group to help you get feedback about your images. The group is based on participation by members bringing their work and discussing it among those in attendance.

Leader Don Munro will moderate constructive group critiques of projected and printed images. Everyone in attendance is invited to take part in the discussions.




The Studio Group meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month. The purpose of the Studio Group is to teach portrait and still life lighting techniques in a workshop format with occasional lectures.

Latow members are fortunate in that, unlike most camera clubs, Latow has it's own 1,100 sq. ft. photography studio complete with a wide variety of studio equipment including tungsten lights, studio flash units, reflectors and backdrops, both muslin and seamless paper.

Members who have been checked out and certified in the safe operation of the equipment may book the studio for their own projects. Please see the Studio Group leader for more details.