Annual Photo Weekend, with Dave Brosha

April 14, 2018 – April 15, 2018 all-day

For full details on our 39th annual seminar, check out the dedicated website:


Dave’s passion for the world and his eye for its beauty will be on full display the first day of our Photography Weekend. It’s also evident on his website. Here are his Saturday offerings:
 The Life, Adventure: images from Dave's travels around the world, with discussion of the ethics of travel photography and how to find adventure in your own locale
 A Planet of Light: Dave describes his main considerations in shooting landscapes and nature, looking for the "wow" in a scene, and thinking creatively in apparently ordinary situations
 Finding Your Vision and Your Voice: Dave will talk about his experience with many genres of photography, and how he figured out his own "voice"
 Misadventures in Photography: With humour and honesty, Dave will share stories about embarrassing moments as a traveling assignment photographer.

On Sunday, Dave will have two short sessions, 2-1/2 hr each: Photography & Travel, and Landscapes After Dark. Full details are on the Weekend website.