Digital Group – Welcome

tribute-to-miles_paul-sparrowThe Digital Group is designed to teach the techniques of digital imaging and what makes digital manipulation different from film based photography. Although the group is focused on the digital medium it can also be of interest to those using the traditional film medium. Through the use of the computer as a tool, all photographers can explore new ways of improving their images and discover unique techniques to manipulate the photographic process.

Digital Group – Tues. April 17th – “Bring an Image” Night

This month will be our annual “Bring an Image” night. Bring images you’ve worked on and show the group how you created them. Show the group what special techniques you used and enlighten us on the procedures you've developed to bring your creations to life.

The idea is to reveal not only how you did it photographically but how you used software like Photoshop/Lightroom or other programs and/or plugins to create the final result. Please bring “layered” composite versions of your files if you can to show us behind the scenes into the making of your images and the before and after versions.

Looking forward to seeing your creations... Paul

Tues. Jan. 16th – Going Beyond the Traditional Slide Show

This month I'll look at how to create an AV show that goes beyond just showing images one after another.

I'll look at what it takes to assemble a more "artistic" presentation with its co-ordination of images and music... creating a "harmony" of timing and movement.

Even if you don't create slide shows yourself this will be an opportunity to see how AV shows can be used to present photography in a way that brings the images to life.

Looking forward to seeing you all... Paul

Tues. November 21st – Creating Greeting Cards with Photoshop

With the holiday season fast approaching some of you will be sending out greeting cards (either electronically or printed versions) so I’ll be covering how to create your own greeting cards using Photoshop.

I’ll look at image selection, image processing, graphic layout, fonts & effects and envelope creation.

After this session you’ll want to create all your greeting cards yourself.

Looking forward to seeing you all... Paul

Tues. Oct. 17 – Dynamic Range in the world of digital photography

This month I’ll be posing questions about “Dynamic Range” in the world of digital photography.

What is it? How much do you need? In camera vs image processing, Shoot RAW or JPEG?

All these & more will be revealed...

Looking forward to seeing you for this very informative session,

Paul Sparrow

Tues. Sept. 19 – The history of Documentary Photography & Photojournalism

Join me for our first Digital Group meeting of the year...

The documentary photographers and photojournalists that have made an impact seen through the “lens” of how changes in photographic technology have contributed to the genre.

Looking forward to seeing you all...Paul Sparrow

2016 International Digital Challenge Results

Int Digital Competition2016final_Combined

Download the combined results from our International Digital Challenge with the Krugersdorp Camera Club of South Africa

Guest Speaker – Greg Danbrooke – April 19, 2016

The Digital Group will have special guest speaker Greg Danbrooke this Tues, April 19th to discuss selectively changing colours using Photoshop. He will also discuss the benefits of a non-destructive workflow and the advantages of the raw format.

Greg graduated from Humber College's Creative Photography program in 1994 and has spent the last 22 years as a Photoshop artist and retoucher. His work has appeared in magazines, newspapers and websites all over the world. He has made appearances on TechTV's Call For Help with Leo Laporte, CP24's Homepage and Webnation with Amber Mac, HGTV's Holmes on Homes, CityTV news and TV Ontario's SwapTV. He currently teaches Photoshop at Humber College, Mohawk College and Seneca College in addition to maintaining a roster of freelance clients including Rogers Communications and Canadian Tire. He has 2 kids, a cat and 3 ducks.

2015 International Digital Challenge

Digital Challenge 2015 Results.


Digital Photography – Feb. 17, 2014 – Ort Baldauf’s Presentation Power Point Notes

Here are the power points from last night.. I added a little note at the end of the Plug-ins that I just found out tonight... Photomatix has a Plug-in that does everything that Photoshop HDR PRO can do for only $39.

Just click on the file you wish to open.

Presets and Plug-ins (latow)

32 bit HDR-Lightroom

International Digital Challenge – March 18th

This month we’ll be holding the judging of the International Digital Competition with the Helsinki Camera Club of Finland.

This will be a “live” judging in front of a panel of three judges where you’ll get to experience the scores and their comments “as-they-happen”.
The club from Finland will be doing their judging on or about the same date and we won’t know who got the top scoring images, and who was the top scoring club until the results from the two sessions are compiled.
Even if you didn’t enter an image into the competition this is always an exciting evening and a chance to see how a major competition is judged.
Looking forward to seeing you then,