Visions of Ontario – September 8th & 9th in Oakville, Ontario

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Visions of Ontario - Recent Landscapes of Ann Oakley & Cathy Lorraway

La-La Land show at Artusiasm Gallery

La-La Land show at Artusiasm Gallery runs until August 21, and has the opening reception this Friday, August 10 from 7 - 11 pm at 1684 St. Clair Avenue West in Toronto.
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October 13, 2018 – ARTISTS Festival

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GTCCC training for judges

Want to qualify to be a judge? Interested in just understanding the judging system better? Read on!
GTCCC has announced their 2018 Fall GTCCC Judges' seminar will be held Sept 15th. They will again this year run a combination of refresh seminar for accredited Judges and the New Judge Candidate Seminar. This combination worked very well in 2017, so they will repeat this format this year. The seminar is limited to a maximum of 30 people.
This year's seminar will be of interest to:
• GTCCC judges who were CAPA accredited in 2013-2015 and have not yet attended the GTCCC Seminar.
• GTCCC Club members whose club is willing to sponsor them as Judges in Training.

And anyone else, space permitting.

Seminar Registration fees are $110 for new Judge-in-Training Candidates and $65 for judges who were last accredited in 2013-14. Registrations are open on the GTCCC website:

June 2nd – August 26th Dialogue at the AGB

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June 3rd – AGB 40th Anniversary BBQ

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June 3rd – Volunteer Photographers wanted for The Walk for Arthritis

The Walk for Arthritis Coordinating Committee would like to invite any members of Latow who might be interested in participating as Volunteer Photographers for the Annual Walk for Arthritis being held Sunday, June 3rd from 8:45 - 12:00ish. It's a superb opportunity to build your skills in active candid photography, as well as making a difference in your community!

Please contact Joanna if you are interested (see contact details in May 13th Eblast).
All photographers will be registered and wearing badges so they will have an access to all event areas. Volunteer opportunity will be on first come first served basis.

GTCCC 30th Annual Awards Gala – April 21st (Image links for details)

GTCCC 2018 Capture April 21st (Image links for details)

Halton Hill Camera Club hosting Neil Osborne March 23rd

Halton Hills Camera Club is hosting internationally-acclaimed photographer Neil Ever Osborne on March 23, 2018,.

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Link to Neils web page -

Ticket Info:

Tickets are now available online.

Under the John Elliott  Theatre  Box Office link,   choose “Purchase Tickets Online”, this will take you to  TiXHub .com .

Search for Neil Ever Osborne: People, Planet & Protected Place.


Direct link to TixHub: