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Welcome to the Latow Black & White Group

bw_groupIn our world of "need it now" and instant feedback, I am often asked, "Why not digital?" The answer is in the process. Traditional Black & White photography is a process, from the moment of image conception through to the presentation of the final print.

You can argue the same about digital processes as well, but therein lies the choice. The slow process of wet darkroom based photography and printing has it's own set of challenges and rewards, many of which are not reproducible by other means and some of which are. Then, there is the print or image itself. A good friend of mine said that the difference between a B&W portrait and a colour portrait, is the eyes. In colour, you see the eyes, in B&W, you see the person.

The absence of colour results in a curious blend of texture, highlights and shadows that end in a story, or is that where the story begins?

The Latow Photographer's guild is blessed with the last community darkroom in the Golden Horseshoe. It is a professional space located at the Art Gallery of Burlington including 11 enlarger stations, two capable of up to 4x5 negatives and a sink large enough to process 20" x 24" prints.

Don Mallory "imaginemallory [AT] gmail [DOT] com" and @MonochromeAttic on Twitter.

The Sabbatier Effect – Hands-on Workshop – February 28, 2017 – 7:30-10:00pm

The Black and White group will be moving back into a Tuesday time slot this month and presenting a hands-on workshop on producing prints using the Sabbatier effect.

This process was identified by Armand Sabbatier in 1860, involving partial solarization of high contrast prints, during the development process.

This hands-on workshop is open to all Latow members regardless of skill level. Bring a black & white film negative, or use one that we have for learning purposes. Chemistry and paper will be provided.

More information about the effect and history can be found here.

Open Studio Workshops – Darkroom – Sundays Oct-Mar – 1-4pm

Have you been wondering where the Black & White group has disappeared to?  We're still here, hiding in the dark as usual.

This fall and winter, the program will primarily be an open studio workshop based model.

An open studio means just that. It's open. Chemistry for printing is provided, paper is your responsibility, however I have paper and you are welcome to reimburse me, at cost. I will be working through my process and you are welcome to join.

Any guidance or help that you need is absolutely available, just ask, don't feel uncomfortable. If there is a process (basic printing, contact sheets, maximum black, f-stop printing, push or pull processing, solarization, sabbatier, toning) that you are interested in or curious about, ask. If you prefer pinhole, bring your camera, work through your process.

If you just want to work through a few prints and feel uncomfortable coming into the darkroom on your own to set up, this is a perfect and safe opportunity to get accustomed to working in the space.

This year is about building confidence and experience.

I will be in the darkroom on the following Sundays from 1-4pm for open workshops:

Sep 18, Sep 25, Oct 2, Oct 9, Oct 30, Nov 6, Nov 13, Nov 20, Nov 27, Dec 4, Dec 11 Jan 29, Feb 5, Feb 26 and Mar 5.

You can find the most up to date info on the planned activities by following me on Twitter, @MonochromeAttic.

Culture Days Event – Intro to Black & White Printing Workshops – Oct 1, 2 – 1-4pm

In partnership with the Art Gallery of Burlington, the first Latow B&W Group program of the 2016/7 season is an introduction to printing in black and white.

This workshop is open to the public.

This is a hands-on workshop that will introduce new participants to the process of enlarging and printing photographic images from negatives in a traditional wet darkroom at the Art Gallery of Burlington. Attendees will be introduced to safe practices in the darkroom, print developing chemistry and equipment and the process of producing a silver gelatin print.

Bring out a black & white film negative to work with. (Don't have any, but still interested? Come out, there are negatives available for learning printing processes as well!

All public participants will be limited to one print per person to ensure as many people have an opportunity as possible. For Latow members, this is also a volunteer opportunity.

Curious what you will find in the darkroom? Check it out on Twitter.

World Pinhole Photography Day – April 24, 2016 – 1-4pm

Sunday April 24th is World Pinhole Photography Day. In 2015, 3450 people posted their pinhole images from around the world.
Do you have a pinhole camera? Did you build one during our recent workshop? Come out, to the darkroom at the Art Gallery of Burlington between 1-4pm.
Paper and chemistry will be provided. There will be materials to build a camera if you have time, but just like any new piece of photographic equipment, it is always interesting when you test it on the day of a shoot!

Pinhole Camera – A Hands-on Camera Building Workshop – March 29, 2016 – 7:30-10pm

Pinhole cameras are a variation of the camera obscura, are the simplest of photographic tool. There is no lens, only an aperture. The shutter is whatever you use to cover the aperture. Nearly anything can be used for your camera body, from a shoebox to a cube van.
On Tuesday March 29th, we will be building pinhole cameras in the Photo Studio at the Art Gallery of Burlington. You will need to bring a cylinder (i.e. a coffee, drink crystal or other can) or small box. Cardboard is easier to work with than metal, but both will work.
Do you have a fear of analogue photography but are still curious? No problem. Bring a body cap that you are willing to drill a hole in, and we can turn that shiny new digital behemoth into a 2000 year old camera that produces wonderfully dreamy images. Don’t worry, you will still be able to capture thousands more than your analogue counterparts.
We will be returning on Sunday April 24th, World Pinhole Photography Day to use our newly created tools, along with thousands of other pinhole enthusiasts around the world.