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Darkroom Group
Feb 26 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Ever wonder why Adobe chose the icons they did for dodging and burning? Dodging and burning in the darkroom are as old as the craft itself and invaluable tools to enhance or pull out details in the negative otherwise lost in the print. Given the time of year; picture a scene with a clear blue sky with fluffy clouds, a snow-covered field and a lone and tired person standing in the shade shovelling the drive. How do you get a good print that otherwise would have the person and the drive lost in the blacks, and the field and sky with the cloud detail all washed out? Why, dodge and burn of course! Have an image that seems flat or lifeless? A little burn here and a little dodge there can bring it back to life. Bring your own troublesome negative or try one of ours.

Led by Mike Lindsay at the AGB.