Saturday, October 20th Visual Story-telling Workshop with Neil Ever Osborne

Visual Story-telling Workshop with Neil Ever Osborne
Saturday, 20 October, 9-5 @Art Gallery of Burlington

Visual storytelling uses a series of photos to share a narrative—about a place, a character, or a cause—that people can connect to in a way that gets them to act. Throughout this workshop with Neil Ever Osborne, you will be introduced to the ingredients of effective visual storytelling. Using case studies from his work with international magazines and environmental organizations that explore the intricate link between people and planet, this workshop will demonstrate the use of visual storytelling to create conversations that matter. Whether you’re an entry-level photographer or avid Instagrammer, a committed enthusiast or a professional communicator, this visual storytelling workshop experience is designed to help you tell more effective stories with your images.

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View from Mount Yatza (2320m), one of the highest points in the San Christoval Range on Moresby Island. Gwaii Haanas, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada.