Latow Photographers Guild

The Latow Photographers Guild is a Burlington, Ontario based Photography club open to all photographers in the area.

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Digital Group – Collages & Montages- Tues. Nov.20th

Collages & Montages

This month I’ll look at how Photoshop can be used to create layered multiple image collages and then go further to construct montages of images on different backgrounds or replace one part of a photo with another.

Looking forward to seeing you for this special session... Paul

Tuesday October 30th Street Photography: Guest Speaker Alex Zafer

Digital Group – Tues. Oct. 16th – Understanding “Blending Modes” in Photoshop

Digital Group – Tues. Oct. 16th

Understanding “Blending Modes” in Photoshop

This month I’ll be looking at the various Blending Modes and how they work. I’ll go through which ones can be used to enhance your editing and how they can be used for creative effect in your image creations.

Hope to see you there... Paul

Saturday, October 20th Visual Story-telling Workshop with Neil Ever Osborne

Visual Story-telling Workshop with Neil Ever Osborne
Saturday, 20 October, 9-5 @Art Gallery of Burlington

Visual storytelling uses a series of photos to share a narrative—about a place, a character, or a cause—that people can connect to in a way that gets them to act. Throughout this workshop with Neil Ever Osborne, you will be introduced to the ingredients of effective visual storytelling. Using case studies from his work with international magazines and environmental organizations that explore the intricate link between people and planet, this workshop will demonstrate the use of visual storytelling to create conversations that matter. Whether you’re an entry-level photographer or avid Instagrammer, a committed enthusiast or a professional communicator, this visual storytelling workshop experience is designed to help you tell more effective stories with your images.

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View from Mount Yatza (2320m), one of the highest points in the San Christoval Range on Moresby Island. Gwaii Haanas, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada.

Reminder: Neil Ever Osborne is at Latow on the 2nd of October

An evening with renowned conservation photographer Neil Ever Osborne, hosted by Latow Photographers Guild

Tuesday, 2 Oct, at 7:30 pm, AGB Rotary & Shoreline Rooms

See Neil's work here.

And there's more: Neil will conduct a workshop on Visual Story-telling on Sat, 20 Oct.


While returning to the sea after nesting a Green Sea Turtle, Chelonia mydas, rests on a plastic bottle in Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica.

A sub-adult Grizzly Bear, Ursus arctos, in Canada’s first and only grizzly sanctuary, the Khutzeymateen Provincial Park or K’tzim-a-deen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary, a haven for the iconic wild animal in Northern British Columbia, Canada.

AV Festival Video Premiere

Tues. Sept. 18th

Join us for us for a special premiere presentation of the video produced in coordination with Your TV Cogeco celebrating the AV medium and the 2018 Latow International AV Festival.

DIGITAL GROUP – Using “ProShow” to create Imaginative Slide Shows.

Tues. Sept. 18th

For our first Digital Group meeting of the new season I'll be looking at how to use the slide show software "ProShow" to produce AV presentations that go beyond the "traditional" slide show.

ProShow opens up the possibilities of producing uniquely creative presentations that takes the photography past looking at them as individual elements ...allowing for the total integration of images and sound.

I'll look at the many components that allow you to create an emotional connection with your presentation.

Looking forward to seeing you all for this special look at how to use the program creatively.

Paul Sparrow

Tuesday April 24th – Melissa Bennett, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

We are delighted to have as our guest speaker: Melissa Bennett who is the Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Of particular interest to Latow members will be that:

She recently mounted an Ed Burtynsky solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, and is now preparing a slate of local artist exhibitions there.

She was also the Curator for the AGH major exhibit of Yuri Dojc works. Yuri has been a guest speaker twice over the last 2 years and has fascinated Latow members with his works and experiences.

Melissa will address topics such as:

So what is fine art photography?

What are some of the best resources to explore for fine art photography in Canada and around the world ?

For members who are blossoming photo artists, is building of a body of work a key?

What might the future of photographic art be like?

Melissa received a MA in Art History and Graduate Diploma in Curatorial Studies at York University, and a BFA in Photography at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. She previously held the position of Exhibition Coordinator at Gallery 44, in addition to positions at Stephen Bulger Gallery, and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.

She has taught contemporary Canadian art history at the Ontario College of Art and Design, in addition to giving regular public lectures on various topics of contemporary art and artists. Her experience as a juror includes the RBC Canadian Painting Competition, the Sobey Art Award and other national and international juries for exhibitions, scholarships and residencies. Her recent projects include are you experienced?, a large exhibition of installations by Olafur Eliasson, Do Ho Suh, Hadley+Maxwell, Dorian FitzGerald and others. Her co-curated exhibitions of works by Graeme Patterson, and Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins, are currently on tour internationally. She has written for various publications and exhibition catalogues. She serves on the advisory committee for Hamilton Artist’s Inc. and is on the Board of Directors and Curatorial Committee for Hamilton’s Supercrawl.

Cyanotype Workshop with Mike Wilde – May 5, 2018 – 10-3pm

The Black & White Group welcomes back Mike Wilde on Saturday May 5th from 10am - 3pm for a hands-on cyanotype workshop.

Cyanoytpe is a contact pinting process, so if you have 4x5 or larger negatives, they will produce beautiful prints. If you don't, Martin Renters will be on-hand to help guide you through his process of producing with a digital negative from a black & white digital image file for contact printing that he presented in February.

This workshop will be limited on space. This is a very rare occurrence and 6 spots are already reserved.

To reserve your space, email me directly at imaginemallory [at] gmail [dot] com. Any member is welcome to attend, no previous experience is required.


Cyanotype is an non-silver alternative photographic process originally discovered by Sir John Herschel in 1842. This historic process that produces "Prussian Blue" toned prints from negatives in contact with the hand-coated emulsion. Mike Wilde has been producing cyanotypes and many other traditional and alternative process prints for many years and will bring not only his breadth of knowledge, experience and willingness to share, but also equipment to support successful production of these prints.

More info on cyanotypes can be found here:

Digital Group – Tues. April 17th – “Bring an Image” Night

This month will be our annual “Bring an Image” night. Bring images you’ve worked on and show the group how you created them. Show the group what special techniques you used and enlighten us on the procedures you've developed to bring your creations to life.

The idea is to reveal not only how you did it photographically but how you used software like Photoshop/Lightroom or other programs and/or plugins to create the final result. Please bring “layered” composite versions of your files if you can to show us behind the scenes into the making of your images and the before and after versions.

Looking forward to seeing your creations... Paul