Latow Photographers Guild

The Latow Photographers Guild is a Burlington, Ontario based Photography club open to all photographers in the area.

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Date Change for the Donkey Sanctuary Outing–It is Now Sunday May 7, 2017

Our next outing is Sunday May 7, 2017 at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada located at 6981 Puslinch Conc. 4, R.R.#6 Guelph.

Donkey Sanctuary of Canada Map

We will meet in the parking lot at 10 A.M. and after a brief a brief orientation by a Donkey Sanctuary person, we will photograph until noon or longer, if desired. There is no entrance fee but all participants should be expected to make a donation to the sanctuary at the entrance.

The mission of the sanctuary is to provide a lifelong home to donkeys, mules and hinnies who are unwanted, neglected or abused, or whose owners can no longer care for them; and to promote the responsible stewardship of all animals through humane education.

There have nearly 100 donkeys, mules and hinnies in their care both at the main Sanctuary Farm and at their Foster Farms.

You can learn more about the sanctuary and see photos and bios of the animals at

the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

Please email Ron Savoline at if you are planning to participate.

Sample photos

Tuesday April 18th, 2017 *EVENT CANCELLED*

Unfortunately tonight's digital event has been cancelled.

We invite you to join the Knights of the Latow Roundtable on Tuesday March 21st at 7:30 p.m. for an open and fun filled Discussion on the State of our Photography.

We'll go to our open round-table format and will look to all of you participating in this group discussion that may help you identify those things you like most in photography, in the context of whether it is high quality photography, or approaches the threshold of fine art photography, and then revisit some of the basics of photography in support of your self defined future goals.

The evening will be divided into 3 twenty to thirty minute segments where we will revisit some of the concepts that have been introduced in Latow newsletter articles over the last 2 years.

First up will be the the Memorable Photo Challenge where we will ask you to identify the first 6 images that come to your mind, without reference to any actual photographs. (But don't cheat, no looking at galleries of photos, just those that impacted you so much that you can visualize them without reference to actual photos.) Everyone will have their own personal list and that list can change over time. The list might include all your own images, if so congratulations. Or the list might have some of your images on it or none of your images on it. I'll share my list with you. We will attempt to see if there are lessons to be learned from the composition, techniques or subject; that could be applied in your own photography. Sometimes the strongest lessons exist in our own reflections.

The second event at the Roundtable will be an exploration of what we would collectively identify as Fine Art Photography. We'll show a series of photos one by one and see if we can get a group consensus on whether they are Fine Art, high quality technically skilled photos, a visual record of an event, or something else. The goal is not to bruise any egos, but to see where work might be categorized by a group of observers. We invite you to bring images that might be yours or might be ones found in a magazine or photography site. There will be no identification of the author / photographer. And no rationalizations of shots, just your vote and reflections during the Fine Art Shout Out.

To round the evening out, Session 3 will revisit an article introduced last year from Digital Camera Magazine on the "The 10 rules of photo composition (and why they work)". This is a good review for all of us and may be of particular interest to newer members. To give you an advance preview here are the 10 principles:

Rule 1. Simplify the scene
Rule 2. Fill the frame
Rule 3. Aspect ratio
Rule 4. Avoid the middle
Rule 5. Leading lines
Rule 6. Use diagonals
Rule 7. Space to move
Rule 8. Backgrounds
Rule 9. Creative with colors
Rule 10. Breaking the rules

We give them to you in advance because if you have a great example, in your photo collection, we invite you to bring it and to talk about it. If you do submit examples please label the file with your name and which of the 10 Principles you feel it is an example of. You can send them in advance if you wish to:

In the "Subject" line of the email just put "Latow Roundtable March 21, 2017. No note or comments are needed just the Jpeg file attachment, preferably in evaluation submission size 1400 x 1050 max.


Hoping this will be a fun filled learning experience, we invite you to join the Knights of the Latow Roundtable.

There will be no guest Speaker. The meeting will be moderated by David Low with a PowerPoint to guide our deliberations.

3 – Club Exhibition – Intake Changed to Feb. 28, 2017

The 2017 Three Club Photographic Exhibition will take place at the Burlington Seniors Centre, 2285 New Street in Burlington, March 11, 2017. The Seniors Centre is across the street from Central Park and the Central Branch Library. The doors will open at 7:00 pm so you can liesurely enjoy the print display while having a coffee, tea, soft drinks and dessert items before the one hour long AV show. Tickets are now on sale with Chuck Burdick and Roger Crysler. Ticket price is $10 in advance and $12 at the door.

Latow needs 50 mounted prints from members for this exhibition. Each member can submit up to 5 prints that are no larger than 13 inches by 19 inches. Framed photography will not be accepted.


Thank you..

Fine Art: Black & White – Thursday, February 16 – 7:30pm

Dave Lawson will be hosting an evening on producing Fine Art Black & White images. During the evening Dave will highlight his workflow which involves using a combination of Lightroom, Photoshop and NIK software. Checkout his website at to see his work and articles.