Latow Photographers Guild

The Latow Photography Guild is a Burlington, Ontario based Photography club open to all photographers in the area.

The above image slider may have cropped a portion of the photo to suit this application, to get a proper view please browse the members gallery to see some amazing photography in all its glory.

Latow Program Schedule Change – Nov 29th and Dec 1st

Please note the following schedule changes:

Tuesday, November 29th - The Photo Art Group presentation has had to be rescheduled to a date to be announced in the New Year. On Tuesday, we will have an open session on "What are You Working On?"  - see the Program Schedule for more information.

Thursday, December 1st - The Lightroom Workshop has been cancelled. This night will be designated Open Reservable. The talk on "Fine Art Printing With Lightroom" will take place on the January 5th Lightroom Workshop.


Westfield Heritage Village Outing Saturday December 10

Please book your calendars now for our next outing at Westfield Heritage Village, , on Saturday December 10, from 5:00 - 9:00 PM. Westfield is located at 1049 Kirkwall Road in Rockton. On this visit, we will experience the 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS' festivities at Westfield by candlelight and feel the warmth of the season through music, food samples, fireworks and a visit from Father Christmas.  The restaurant features light meals and refreshments.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to practice our Latow Photography skills both inside and outside in this beautiful village, looking back at our heritage, including images captured a at night or in low light with interesting lighting and subjects.

And of course, this is a great opportunity for camaraderie with other club members, consistent with the sprit of the season.

Please let me know via email at if you will be attending.

Sample images from last year's outing are shown below.


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Christmas Sale

The Christmas Sale dates are Nov 24 - 27, the forms for the main gallery are on the website & attached to this EBlast. One is an instruction sheet (information sheet) the other is the Main Gallery Entry Form.

Any questions please contact Russell Benoit

– or 905 699-3308

Anyone wishing to book a table in the Unframed room can email Dennis Martin

For Volunteer information contact Ort Baldauf email

To qualify to enter the Chirstmas Show your LATOW AND AGB MEMBERSHIP MUST BE UP TO DATE.
Intake will be on Tues. Nov 22th between 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm in the Main Gallery. Framed submissions will be hung on Wed. Nov 13th , 2016.
Please note the show begins at 11 am Thursday, Nov 24th, 2016
You are allowed to submit 3 items for hanging in the Main Gallery. Please indicate your choice of preference for hanging by numbering 1 thru 3. In the event there is not enough space to hang all entries items numbered 1 & 2 will be hung first, items numbered 3 may not be hung.
It is important that the volunteers can identify your work so PLEASE have your name on the back of each piece of work. Please name and price each work on the back so that it can be identified by the cashier. Please do this carefully to avoid any confusion for the cashiers.
Please round out the price of your photographs to the nearest dollar. There is a 15% commission which goes to Arts Burlington, and $10.00 entry fee to Christmas Sale. The $10.00 fee covers the cost of entry to the Main Gallery. Members can also reserve 1 table in the unframed room for $10.00. Members can book a table in the unframed room please email Dennis Martin at the email below. Please price your work accordingly. This commission is calculated at the end of the sale. All monies owing to the artists will be paid by cheque from Latow Photographers Guild within one month following the show.
Please pick up your unsold work on Sunday Nov. 27, 2016, between 4:00 and 4:30 pm. If you cannot pick up your work make arrangements for someone else to do so.
Latow Photographers Guild and the committee take no responsibility for the safety of work not picked up before 4:30 pm. Work not picked up will be placed in the Latow Finishing Room in an unsecure area.
Any questions please contact Russell Benoit – or 905 699-3308
Entry forms can be acquired by one of the following 3 methods –
• ▹ downloaded from the Latow website
• ▹ downloaded from the Eblast
• ▹ Russell Benoit, Dennis Martin or Ort Baldauf at a meeting.

Christmas Sale Main Gallery Entry

Open Studio Workshops – Darkroom – Sundays Oct-Jan – 1-4pm

Have you been wondering where the Black & White group has disappeared to?  We're still here, hiding in the dark as usual.

This fall and winter, the program will primarily be an open studio workshop based model.

An open studio means just that. It's open. Chemistry for printing is provided, paper is your responsibility, however I have paper and you are welcome to reimburse me, at cost. I will be working through my process and you are welcome to join.

Any guidance or help that you need is absolutely available, just ask, don't feel uncomfortable. If there is a process (basic printing, contact sheets, maximum black, f-stop printing, push or pull processing, solarization, sabbatier, toning) that you are interested in or curious about, ask. If you prefer pinhole, bring your camera, work through your process.

If you just want to work through a few prints and feel uncomfortable coming into the darkroom on your own to set up, this is a perfect and safe opportunity to get accustomed to working in the space.

This year is about building confidence and experience.

I will be in the darkroom on the following Sundays from 1-4pm for open workshops:

Sep 18, Sep 25, Oct 2, Oct 9, Oct 30, Nov 6, Nov 13, Nov 20, Nov 27, Dec 4, Dec 11 Jan 29, Feb 5, Feb 19, Feb 26 and Mar 5.

You can find the most up to date info on the planned activities by following me on Twitter, @MonochromeAttic.

Step by Step Photoshop Corrections – Tues. Nov. 15th


This month I’ll take a look at a “step-by-step” procedure to corrections that should be applied to all photos from camera original to finished image.

From preliminary cropping & processing to targeted levels and colour correction to retouching and cloning of unwanted objects and final sharpening I’ll go through a standard “process” that all images should go through.

Looking forward to seeing you all for this educational session.
-Paul Sparrow